Preventable Surprises is about all those corporate and financial blow-ups that really should – and could – have been seen coming. Concerns about BP’s safety record and the accounting practices of Tesco were both in the public domain for years before disaster struck. We are a think-do tank that seeks to prevent, or at least mitigate, corporate and market implosions. Read more



Quote of the week

How responsible is the insurance sector when it come to climate change?
"It is frightening that the industry dedicated to predicting future losses, and thus incentivizing their clients to take steps to avoid them, should be so indifferent to the massive evidence of ever more destructive global warming. When will stockholders become aware of the unrealistic predictions of an industry based upon predictions? (Personal communication, 8th August 2015) "
- Charles Perrow (The Next Catastrophe)




Internship Opportunity

Mobilising the power of young real world academics – who understand the importance of communication – is one of our goal.  We have a strong belief in the principle of alliances – empowered researchers to defend their conclusions is a powerful strategy for change.

The Climate Change Programme is seeking interns to support both its research and communication efforts. The required research is often reactive but always rigorously evidence-based. Communication efforts include social media (Twitter) and contribution to blogs and speeches.

For more details, see the pdf.

Preventable Surprises Interns July2015

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