NEW Report Explains Why Forceful Stewardship             is the Critical Third Leg of Investor Action

27th October:  The publication can be downloaded from this link:

Preventable Surprises October 2015 report

Preventable Surprises releases updated value at risk analysis and explains why “Forceful Stewardship” is the missing 3rd leg of investor action.

This paper argues that forceful stewardship is an investor strategy for managing climate related systemic risk which is at least as important as Divest-Invest (i.e. divestment combined with green investments eg climate bonds, green equity and other asset class funds) and Portfolio Carbon Management (i.e. portfolio decarbonization, tilting, strategic asset allocation).  

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Report of on-line dialogue

11th September 2015:  The publication can be downloaded from this link:

Investors, Climate Risk and Forceful Stewardship: An Agenda for Action

On Twitter, James Bevan, CIO of CCLA says: “Sometimes something really important happens for us all….Forceful stewardship is key.”

Together with a group of over 70 senior professionals from finance and related worlds from across the world, Preventable Surprises considered how investors might be able to do to be a bigger part of the solution via a vis “Big Climate Risk”.

This 134 page report (with a 3 page summary) looks at how Forceful Stewardship might work in practice and where and how they can best be tested today.

This report is targeted at senior investment decision-makers and all those who have influence with these individuals.




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Ancient Asian wisdom about asking for <2C transition plans….
"A wise man points at the moon, the fool stares at the finger. "
- Ancient Chinese proverb




Preventable Surprises is about all those corporate and financial blow-ups that really should – and could – have been seen coming. Concerns about BP’s safety record and the accounting practices of Tesco were both in the public domain for years before disaster struck. We are a think-do tank that seeks to prevent, or at least mitigate, corporate and market implosions. Read more




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